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21 Futures: Tales from the Timechain

Konsensus Network

It's about time.

We are finally shipping the first-ever bitcoin fiction anthology. Look forward to high-stakes human interest stories, dystopias, mystery, intergalactic affairs, and much more!

The book contains a full-page grayscale art for each story!

21 authors, 21 stories, and 21 alternate universes.

Secure your gateway into the bitcoin fiction multiverse today.

Check our release thread for some spoilers!

Political dissidents scramble to cross the threshold to freedom.

A decades-long hunt for keys incites a change in world order.

A clear-blood dares to question the oppression of noderoids.

A cryo-frozen oligarch wakes into his worst nightmare.

A lowly space station miner buys a planet.

In this book of diverse stories planted firmly in the bitcoin-verse, reality fractures into 21 futures. Some are wonderful, others terrifying.

You are not prepared.

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