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Bitcoin Kids

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Introduce your kids to the exciting world of Bitcoin with “Bitcoin Kids: Financial Literacy for Kids” by Nzonda Fosting.

In this engaging book set in a family environment, a knowledgeable couple shares their understanding of Bitcoin with their children, Kijana and Maya.

From casual dining table conversations about the unique properties of Bitcoin to insightful talks in the maize garden about Bitcoin mining, this book takes children on a journey through the history of money, the scarcity of Bitcoin, its various use cases, and the importance of Bitcoin adoption.

Get your kids started on their financial literacy journey with this educational and entertaining read.

Chapter Description/Outline:

  • Part 1: History of Money 
  • Part 2: Bitcoin Scarcity: Introduction to Bitcoin Mining 
  • Part 3: Use case of Bitcoin: Introduction to Lightning 
  • Part 4: Bitcoin Adoption Worldwide

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