Strategies for Liberty

Free Cities & Bitcoin

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Discover a new path to freedom with "Strategies for Liberty: Free Cities and Bitcoin." In this eye-opening book, Alex Voss, a top expert on global living, reveals how Bitcoin and Free Cities can revolutionize our quest for liberty. Voss, with over 20 years of experience in dealing with global systems, shows us why our current ways limit our freedom and how these innovative tools can change that.

Bitcoin challenges the old way of handling money, offering a more open and fair system. Free Cities, on the other hand, are places where new ideas for living and governing can be tested and grown. Together, they offer a fresh and exciting chance to live in a world where freedom is real and achievable.

Join Alex Voss in exploring these groundbreaking ideas in "Strategies for Liberty." It's not just a book, but a practical guide for anyone who believes there's a better way to live freely in today's world.

Alexander D. Voss
Free Cities & Bitcoin
Free Cities Foundation
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