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The Uncommunist Manifesto

In their book, The UnCommunist Manifesto, Aleks Svetski and Mark Moss offer a thought-provoking analysis of Marxism and its pervasive influence on contemporary society. Drawing on the legacy of the Communist Manifesto written by Marx and Engels almost 175 years ago, the authors highlight the perils of collectivism and group identity politics that have led to hundreds of millions of murders worldwide. They argue that the real struggle lies not between two classes defined by material wealth, but between individual autonomy, sovereignty, and responsibility versus the collectivist tendency toward co-dependencies, entitlements, and coercion.

The UnCommunist Manifesto is a sharp, concise, and lucid read that emulates the format and length of the original Communist Manifesto. However, the message contained within is a reminder for individuals to reach upward and become better versions of themselves, rather than renouncing individual responsibility by classifying themselves into static groups. The authors challenge the core ideology of Marxism, which draws more young people to it than ever before, and analyze what elements of the original text are accurate observations, and what conclusions are drawn ignorant of human psychology and praxeology that lead to devastating consequences.

The authors hope that their book will serve as an inspirational text for individuals seeking to maintain autonomy and claim sovereignty, while the collective seeks to coerce. They assert that the greatness and sanctity of the individual and the soul must counter the siren call of Marxist entropy, which is stronger than ever. The UnCommunist Manifesto is not just an answer to the misguided, nihilistic, and often dangerous ideology of Marxism but also a message of hope, responsibility, and liberty for all. This first edition of the book is a beacon of hope, sanity, and sense in a world being swallowed up by the envy inherently justified by Marxist doctrine.

Aleks Svetski & Mark Moss
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